Multiple residential rentals offered throughout the Concord NH area.

A new place to call


Where we live is a large part of our lives and affects our day-to-day living. Residential rentals at KV Realty Management make sure that the apartment you are renting is not just a place for you to stay, but a home for you to return to.

Where you are always

Taken Care Of

Our dedicated staff make sure your home is always our top priority. At KV Realty Management we know considerations for your home are at the top of your priority list, which is why we make it the top of our priority list as well.

Comfortable and inviting

Home Sweet Home

Something Special,

Personalized Rentals

Sometimes when we think of rentals, we think of cookie-cutter units lacking personality and character. With KV Realty Mangement properties this is a concern no longer. Our residential rentals offer up-to-date features while still maintaining the New England charm that we all love.